Copper Cliff: A Short Story

For lovers of fantasy, sex, romance and adventure, enjoy!


Seventeen-year-old Andrew uses girls for sex, and Julie is his next target. Will he treat her like the others, or will she find a way into his heart?

Copper Cliff 
Romantic Fantasy

Warning: coarse language.

Click the picture below

Copper Cliff


I am now halfway through Volume Two. Looking forward to finally publishing my Fantastic Tales properly.


And don’t forget my two other recent shorts:

The Mist

Esmée is unhappy with her marriage and her life until one night when a strange mist appears and changes everything.

Click the picture below

The Mist

Love in the Darkness

Meridiah loves her life as a fairy—until she meets Morgean and discovers she could have so much more.

Love in the Darkness


If you love your fantasy with a good helping of darkness, sex and heartache, give these a go.





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