Dark Romantic Fantasy

After some umming and arring as to whether there is an audience for romantic or erotic fantasy stories that are of a darker or grittier nature, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes—yes there is. And I hope to follow that path when attempting a novel again. What do you think? Interested? Intrigued?

Here are some of my more darker shorts. See if you like.


Horror in the Darkness

Carmella is a Diablon, and according to her human hunters—a monster. Will they catch her and kill her like they did her family? Or will the hunters become the prey?

The Diablon Short


Copper Cliff

Seventeen-year-old Andrew uses girls for sex, and Julie is his next target. Will he treat her like the others, or will she find a way into his heart?

Copper Cliff


The Land of Enchantment

The Land of Enchantment is beautiful on the surface but Sandra knows what lies beneath. And yet will she fall for its seductions? Visit and find out.

Copyright free Pixabay image



John doesn’t believe he’ll ever get a girl—until one night when nature comes alive.


The Lord of the Nymphs

Aidan and Jaslyn’s village is under attack by a monster. Do they have the will to defeat it or will they surrender to its power?

The Lord of the Nymphs


The Mist

Esmée is unhappy with her marriage and her life until one night when a strange mist appears and changes everything.

The Mist


And don’t forget about my newest dark fantasy:

The Dark Witch

Chief Jeffrey and his men set out to kill the Dark Witch, convinced she’s murdering their children. Are they right, or are they about to make a grave mistake?

The Dark Witch


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