The Lady of the Lake (The Witcher #5)


4 Stars


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This book is hard to rate. Overall, I enjoyed it. The writing was good, the characters great. But the story itself … I felt a little dissatisfied with it. I loved the parts concerning Geralt and Ciri, the rest I could have done without. And the rest took up so much space.

The story felt disjointed in places. The author has a frustrating habit of putting in chapters that seem to serve no purpose ie. the first 100 pages, which I almost completely skimmed over. The characters also made choices that were sometimes incongruous and far-fetched.

After all their searching for each other, Ciri and Geralt came together in a very sudden and almost unbelievable way. Despite all the action and tragedy, it was a little anticlimactic. The ending was also a little unsatisfying. It took a sharp right turn that I thought was unnecessary. And although I do enjoy untidy endings, there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered.

Still, I loved the parts I loved, and it was worth the read just for those. A solid 4 stars for this book. Probably 3.75 stars for the series as a whole. I do not regret reading it and I will watch the series when it comes on. Particularly if they make the necessary improvements on the plot and if Geralt proves to be as sexy on screen as he is in my mind. Hahaha.

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