In the Hall of the Mountain King

Hello everyone, here’s my new short story.

Based loosely on Edvard Grieg’s classic song, the tale concerns a boy who stumbles into a cave of man-eating goblins and his mad dash for escape. This story comes with audio attached.

In the Hall of the Mountain King

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Listen to Mr Grieg’s fantastic piece. One of my all time favourites.






Faeries in Ireland

I have to say, when I travelled to Ireland I wasn’t very impressed. All farmland and green rolling hills—pretty, but no real magic. There were a couple of desolate places that I enjoyed to drive, but other than that it wasn’t what I expected. However, its mythology hasn’t lost its power.

One of my favourite books is Irish Folk and Fairy Tales Omnibus by Michael Scott. It tells the stories and legends of Faery, dark and light. I think I may have purchased it at Tara, the very place where the doorway to Faery is said to be located.

Tara—The doorway to the Faery World


Even though there’s nothing much left of the Pagan era except grassy mounds, the fact that I was standing in the heart of all that once was—and hopefully still is—magical and Faery was pretty cool. Over five thousand years old, it’s filled with mystery; its particular function, not entirely clear. To imagine that Faeries might still ride out to love and deceive and wreak havoc on humans made the freezing cold even more blistering.

One day, I hope to add my own tale to Irish mythology. My short story, The Land of Enchantment was inspired by this mythology. If you like my tale, I suggest you read Michael Scott’s unputdownable Omnibus (PS. His is not explicit).

The Land of Enchantment

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The Diablon

If you like your fantasies graphic and explicit, come and read my new short story: The Diablon, a prelude to my novel. You won’t be disappointed. Just click on the link.

Carmella is a Diablon, and according to her human hunters—a monster. Will they catch her and kill her like they did her family? Or will the hunters become the prey?

The Diablon: A Dark Fantasy

Artist: Vicky Hayes, 2018

Update and new short story

Hi all. If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve made some big changes to my website. I am no longer Fantasy Fiction Erotica, now I’m simply Morgan’s Fantasy Fiction. I’ve come to realise my stories aren’t really erotic—just adult. So if you love fantasy, come and check out my stories.

Here’s my new short story. It’s a prelude to my novel which is back under major construction.

Carmella is a Diablon, and according to her human hunters—a monster. Will they catch her and kill her like they did her family? Or will the hunters become the prey?

The Diablon: A dark fantasy

Artist: Vicky Hayes, 2018



My Beta Readers

To all you doggy lovers out there. Every writer needs beta readers and I thought I`d introduce two of my favourites: Ace and Chewy.


They’ve spent much of their lives lying on my lap. Writing can get very lonely and they’ve been a great comfort and great company.

Though, I must say, they haven`t been a great deal of help.


Hope you`re all having a great weekend,


Supanova, Gold Coast

So pleased to meet Marissa Price, an up and coming author who I met at Supanova yesterday.

She’s a brave, talented young woman who’s taken the plunge and published her own series of books. If you like magical realism and especially Shakespeare, check out her ‘Into the Abyss’ Series on

Great for both adults and young adults alike, the series takes-on Shakespeare’s best works and gives them a modern twist. Easy to read, fun to follow and not to be missed!

Into the Abyss

I’m really excited for you Marissa and I hope to join you at Supanova again, next time on the other side of the bench.


Only two more stories and I’ll publish my anthology. Can’t wait! I’ve done far better than I ever expected on Inkitt and Wattpad with over a thousand views (and that’s only in a month). Considering I never expected to be read at all, I’m stoked.

Wattpad 2 (2)

I’m going to start pitching my Glory`s Chronicles series to agents/publishers soon. So I should be able to give you all an answer as to The Diablon’s release date within the year. I don’t expect a contract; my expectations are low. I know how cut-throat this industry is. Even still—excited and terrified.

The Diablon
Glory’s Chronicles Book 1

Just wanted to encourage all the other writers out there to keep going and to spread your work far and wide. To have others read your stuff is the best feeling in the world. And a big THANKYOU to my supporters. There has been a lot of ups and downs but you’ve helped me pull through.

If you missed it, my new short story: The Monster of Mount Draken is up for your enjoyment. And don’t forget about all my others. Click on the short stories tab on my website to find them.

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