My Beta Readers

To all you doggy lovers out there. Every writer needs beta readers and I thought I`d introduce two of my favourites: Ace and Chewy.


They’ve spent much of their lives lying on my lap. Writing can get very lonely and they’ve been a great comfort and great company.

Though, I must say, they haven`t been a great deal of help.


Hope you`re all having a great weekend,


Supanova, Gold Coast

So pleased to meet Marissa Price, an up and coming author who I met at Supanova yesterday.

She’s a brave, talented young woman who’s taken the plunge and published her own series of books. If you like magical realism and especially Shakespeare, check out her ‘Into the Abyss’ Series on

Great for both adults and young adults alike, the series takes-on Shakespeare’s best works and gives them a modern twist. Easy to read, fun to follow and not to be missed!

Into the Abyss

I’m really excited for you Marissa and I hope to join you at Supanova again, next time on the other side of the bench.


Only two more stories and I’ll publish my anthology. Can’t wait! I’ve done far better than I ever expected on Inkitt and Wattpad with over a thousand views (and that’s only in a month).

Draft2Digital (3)

Just wanted to encourage all the other writers out there to keep going and to spread your work far and wide. To have others read your stuff is the best feeling in the world. And a big THANKYOU to my supporters. There has been a lot of ups and downs but you’ve helped me pull through.

If you missed it, my new short story: The Monster of Mount Draken is up for your enjoyment. And don’t forget about all my others. Click on the short stories tab on my website to find them.

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For you

If you feel the urge for a good read this weekend, come and check out Dragon Treasure. It’s my personal favourite and probably the most well written. If you enjoy a lot of fantasy, you’ll like this one.

While you’re at my website why not read through the rest of my growing store of short stories.

For lovers of fantasy.


The Birth of Spring: Short Story

I’m not a fan of Winter but if Winter was like this, I would feel differently. Here’s an excerpt:

In between their lovemaking, Winter hunted and Loralee would accompany him, wrapped in several layers as she walked at his side, hand in his. When the worst of the wind and snow let up enough for Loralee to see, she marvelled—the rolling white hills, the icing on the trees, the flawless snow. It was all so glorious. Then she would look up at Winter himself and she could see all that beauty condensed in the ice-blue of his gaze, in his gentle look, his smile.

The Birth of Spring

The Birth of Spring

Lots of romance in this one and plenty of fantasy. Come and take a look.