The Mist

Hello everybody,

My new short story is ready to go. Take a look at your leisure.

Esmée is unhappy with her marriage and her life until one night when a strange mist appears and changes everything.

Fantasy Thriller


The Mist



Love in the Darkness: Short Story

Hello all,
It’s been a while, but here’s my newest short story.

Meridiah loves her life as a fairy—until she meets Morgean and discovers she could have so much more.

Romantic Fantasy

Love in the Darkness




For Lovers of Erotic Romance

Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I’ve just returned from holidays. And I’ve been a bit slack with my short stories because I’ve been busy with my novels. Here’s a selection of shorts out now for those who enjoy a good chunk of erotic romance in their reads. A nice way to spend your weekend! Just click on the pictures.

The Mermaid, 1910 Howard Pyle (1853-1911) Oil on canvas, 57 7/8 x 40 1/8 inches Delaware Art Museum, Gift of the children of Howard Pyle in memory of their mother, Anne Poole Pyle, 1940
The Sinking of the Nightingale: A Story about a mermaid and a shipwrecked sailor.
Missy: John doesn’t believe he’ll ever get a girl—until one night when nature comes alive.
The Lord of the Nymphs
The Lord of the Nymphs: Aidan and Jaslyn’s village is under attack by a monster. Do they have the will to defeat it or will they surrender to its power?
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The Land of Enchantment: The Land of Enchantment is beautiful on the surface but Sandra know what lies beneath. And yet will she fall for its seductions? 


Take a look at the cover for volume 2 of my short story series, courtesy of Vicky Hayes with some tinkering from myself. What do you think?

Fantastic Tales: Volume Two

And don’t forget, A Feathered Heart, my new romantic fantasy short story, is available for your reading pleasure.

A Feathered Heart

Just a reminder, Volume One is available for download. If you enjoy fantasy, love, sex and adventure, click on the cover and read to your heart’s content.

Draft2Digital (3)

Hope you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I love writing it.

The Diablon

Hello all,

Some of you may know that I’ve been working on a series of novels. As of yet, I haven’t let too many people see it. After a few damning critiques, I was going to put it aside, but after much umming and erring I’ve decided to post it piece by piece on my blog. What do I have to lose? I’ll let you decide if you like it. It’s a dark fantasy and not to everyone’s taste, but I think there are plenty yet who might. If it is poorly received, then I’ll put it in my bottom drawer uncompleted, but if it’s liked well enough, I’ll finish it. I’ll leave it up to you. Please, feel free to comment on my page—good or bad. After reading each bite-size portion, there will be a comment section at the bottom.


What if you had to live your life under the threat of a terrible monster? For one girl that is reality. Follow Lilitha as she tries to escape the Diablon’s clutches before it devours her.

The people of Norfolk have suffered foul weather for the past ten years, their farms are flooded and they’re starving. Their only hope is the Diablon, a legendary monster which can clear the skies by devouring guilty souls. Or so it is believed.
Best friends Lilitha and Clara are two such guilty souls. They’re Defective, both born with features considered evil in the eyes of the Church—Clara is mute and Lilitha is a redhead.
For most of their lives they have concealed themselves successfully—until the day Sir Mandalay, Norfolk’s head knight, finally discovers them.
Their fate is assured. the Diablon will devour them, body and soul. But is the Beast all that it seems?
Lilitha is soon to find out, and when she does, she will uncover a terrible truth that will change her life forever.

The Diablon

Book one of a four part series, The Diablon is action-packed, bloody, violent and erotic, but underneath it all are indestructible friendships, moments of great self-sacrifice and profound love.


Fantastic Tales: Volume One

I have now completed my first collection of short stories. It is now circulating through online bookshops. For my followers, here it is for free in a simple PDF file. Download and enjoy.

Fantastic Tales- Volume One

Draft2Digital (3)

A collection of short stories for adults who love to read fantasy. From unicorns and monsters to magic and imaginary worlds, from the dark to the light to the sexual, these ten short stories explore without boundaries and love without fear. Watch Jaslyn and Aidan as they brave the monster in the swamps. Follow Lance as he rescues Roslyn from a group of savage men. Cheer Princess Alandra on as she flies away with her dragon. Let yourself be transported from the mundane into the fantastic.


In the Hall of the Mountain King

Hello everyone, here’s my new short story.

Based loosely on Edvard Grieg’s classic song, the tale concerns a boy who stumbles into a cave of man-eating goblins and his mad dash for escape. This story comes with audio attached.

In the Hall of the Mountain King

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Listen to Mr Grieg’s fantastic piece. One of my all time favourites.






Faeries in Ireland

I have to say, when I travelled to Ireland I wasn’t very impressed. All farmland and green rolling hills—pretty, but no real magic. There were a couple of desolate places that I enjoyed to drive, but other than that it wasn’t what I expected. However, its mythology hasn’t lost its power.

One of my favourite books is Irish Folk and Fairy Tales Omnibus by Michael Scott. It tells the stories and legends of Faery, dark and light. I think I may have purchased it at Tara, the very place where the doorway to Faery is said to be located.

Tara—The doorway to the Faery World


Even though there’s nothing much left of the Pagan era except grassy mounds, the fact that I was standing in the heart of all that once was—and hopefully still is—magical and Faery was pretty cool. Over five thousand years old, it’s filled with mystery; its particular function, not entirely clear. To imagine that Faeries might still ride out to love and deceive and wreak havoc on humans made the freezing cold even more blistering.

One day, I hope to add my own tale to Irish mythology. My short story, The Land of Enchantment was inspired by this mythology. If you like my tale, I suggest you read Michael Scott’s unputdownable Omnibus (PS. His is not explicit).

The Land of Enchantment

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