Fantastic Tales: Love & Sex

Image: From Artist Vicky Hayes, 2018


Fantastic Tales: Love & Sex

Volume 2


A savage barbarian revels in hate and violence. Can a simple peasant girl change his dark heart? Snow has fallen relentlessly for eight long months. Can something warm arise out of the bitter cold? A well-loved lord is severely wounded in battle. Will he be consumed by his injury or will love see him through?

A collection of romantic tales exploring how love can triumph over adversity, how appearances are only skin-deep and why a story without love is a story only partly told. If you enjoy sex, love and adventure, then these little fantasies are sure to make your heart pound.

Note: rape themes and explicit sex


Epub/Mobi versions are available for free on online bookstores. Click the link to access:

New Love & Sex

If you would like a PDF version, click on the link: Fantastic Tales: Love & Sex



The Monster of Mount Draken

Love in the Darkness

The Barbarian: Part 1

The Barbarian: Part 2

The Birth of Spring

A Feathered Heart

The Crippled Hawk: Part 1

The Crippled Hawk: Part 2

Black Thunder

The Sinking of the Nightingale


If you like these stories, why not try volume 1:

Dark and Weird

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