The Mist

Hello everybody,

My new short story is ready to go. Take a look at your leisure.

Esmée is unhappy with her marriage and her life until one night when a strange mist appears and changes everything.

Fantasy Thriller


The Mist


Love in the Darkness: Short Story

Hello all,
It’s been a while, but here’s my newest short story.

Meridiah loves her life as a fairy—until she meets Morgean and discovers she could have so much more.

Romantic Fantasy

Love in the Darkness




Fantastic Tales: Volume One

I have now completed my first collection of short stories. It is now circulating through online bookshops. For my followers, here it is for free in a simple PDF file. Download and enjoy.

Fantastic Tales- Volume One

Draft2Digital (3)

A collection of short stories for adults who love to read fantasy. From unicorns and monsters to magic and imaginary worlds, from the dark to the light to the sexual, these ten short stories explore without boundaries and love without fear. Watch Jaslyn and Aidan as they brave the monster in the swamps. Follow Lance as he rescues Roslyn from a group of savage men. Cheer Princess Alandra on as she flies away with her dragon. Let yourself be transported from the mundane into the fantastic.