The Mother’s Children Trilogy

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A story about the clash of races, magic and mystery, romance and sex, and the love of family.

A story of violent beginnings and wondrous endings.

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Mock & Grinda: Free

Mock & Grinda: A Love that Defies the Odds is available free for five days only. Get it while you can!

Book 1.5 of The Mother’s Children

Love has prevailed: Mock & Grinda have united in a world full of darkness.

After surviving a lifetime of highs and lows, now is a time for happiness. This is a catalogue of their experiences during their six month journey to the Quarthi (Mock’s people). Expect romance and sex, warmth and tenderness, fun and humour, magic and adventure.

Please note: this is an adjunct to the novel ‘The Barbarian’ and it is strongly recommended that it be read first. Now available on Amazon. Click the link below to access.

The Barbarian: Free

The Barbarian is now available for free on Amazon for 5 days only. Get it while you can!

It’s a time of war and Mock’s land has been invaded, his people routed, killed or enslaved. Out for revenge, Mock and his band of brothers cut a swathe of destruction across the land.

Grinda is an innocent village girl who’s heard tell of the barbarians’ savagery. When they destroy her village and their monstrous leader kidnaps her, she expects the worst.

How wrong she is.

Two enemies. A land divided. A love that defies the odds.