Book Review: The Return Man


4 Stars




A good read. Great characters. Very good writing. Lots and lots of action. A bit too much for my taste but it was GOOD action. Very descriptive with the goreā€”and again, it was well done.

A fun zombie book with a surprising amount of depth. Loved how the mysterious backstory came together so suddenly at the graveyard. Awwww, was the grunt I made.

The main man had heart. Really enjoyed how big a role his family played, though they weren’t there.

Definitely a four star read and the best zombie apocalypse I’ve read thus far.

The Slave

The Slave

Book 2 of the Mother’s Children

My second book is out! I’ll be posting chapters twice a week. The first five chapters are available now.

For those who don’t know, Book 1 ‘The Barbarian’ is available in PDF form on this website.