The Darkness

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The Darkness

Book 3 of the Mother’s Children.

Zin has made the greatest sacrifice to protect her land and her people, both Quarthi and Toth alike. The Darkness has vanished. The Quarthi have their land back. The forest is regrowing.

Black Bull is a half and half: part Quarthi, part Sand Person. Black-skinned and strong. All his life he has been a slave, trapped in the white city of Fairmont. That is until his mother’s people demand his and the other slaves’ release. It is time for freedom. It is time to live his life. Will he find happiness with the savages or will he only find more resistance and rejection?

Xala misses her big sister. Grinda and Mock grieve for her. They visit when they can but when Zin starts shedding black leaves, they can’t help but feel responsible for ‘abandoning’ her. With the help of the powerful shamri and Mock’s unearthly connection, they soon discover that something is destroying her from within. Something in the form of an otherworldly creature with black wings and a bottomless hunger to possess her.

The Morgrar hasn’t been destroyed, only driven back, and it’s up to those who love Zin the most to save her and return her to the light.

Mock will fight to the death. Grinda will never stop hoping. Aaron won’t give up.

A dead world. Unlikely allegiances. An undying love.

The final chapter.

Please note: changes have been made to the ages of two of the characters. Zin is eighteen. Xala is sixteen.

Book Review: Eleanor & Park

Young Adult/Romance

5 Stars



Everybody should read this.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I teared up at the end, which I did not expect. It gave me all kinds of feels. Stunning writing. Why can’t all love stories read like this? Why can’t all authors/writers aspire to tell a story like this? The story never slowed. A real page turner. Exciting, interesting, unexpected. Sweet, yet gritty. How’s that possible? I don’t know. The mark of a good author, I expect. Romantic, yet believable. Everything I want in a read.

To the authors and publishers out there: More like this, please.

Can’t help but mention how this little story reflects my own relationship. Tall red head (me), half-Malaysian boyfriend. Both very awkward but perfect together. Oh!