Book Review: Baptism of Fire (The Witcher #3)


3.75 Stars


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Top notch writing. Great characters. Geralt is sexier than ever. I actually enjoyed this book much more than the others. The earlier books focused too much on minor characters and politics. Though there is still some of that in Baptism of Fire, it’s much more bearable. I got to read more about Geralt, which I loved and greatly enjoyed.

However, the ending fell flat and I really didn’t understand the purpose of this book. Another reviewer made a comment that it lacked direction. I agree. Nothing actually happened to move the plot forward. I reckon one could probably complete the series without reading this book and not miss a beat.

The series is good but it’s losing momentum. Hopefully more will happen in book 4.

Book Review: The Martian

Needs no Introduction/Science Fiction

6 Stars




Yes, I know you think me an idiot for rating it 6 stars. But when I come across a book that knocks me off my feet like this one did, 5 stars just doesn’t cut it. And this is only one of three that have made the grade during my lifetime (and that includes the Harry Potter series).


I only need two words to describe this book: FUCKING AMAZING.

The story was brilliant. The characters were brilliant. The science was brilliant. The suspense, the cold shivers, the tears in my eyes … oh, yes! And the humour, oh my God, the humour! I haven’t laughed so much because of a book in years. And I’ll admit it, I’m a little in love with Watney. Okay … I lie … maybe I love him a lot. You can laugh. It’s totally true.

One of the best books I’ve ever read post my YA years when any crap was good. And certainly the best in Science Fiction. Blew The Andromeda Strain (my previously most loved sci-fi book) right out into space.

An interesting fact: this was originally self-published and self-edited and the author researched all the very detailed and complicated science on his own.


Will I read it again?

Fuck yeah!

Book Review: The Return Man


4 Stars




A good read. Great characters. Very good writing. Lots and lots of action. A bit too much for my taste but it was GOOD action. Very descriptive with the gore—and again, it was well done.

A fun zombie book with a surprising amount of depth. Loved how the mysterious backstory came together so suddenly at the graveyard. Awwww, was the grunt I made.

The main man had heart. Really enjoyed how big a role his family played, though they weren’t there.

Definitely a four star read and the best zombie apocalypse I’ve read thus far.

Book Review: The Piper

Never done this before but I thought I might start now: reviewing books. I read a lot, and what I’ve found is that there are so many books out there that don’t receive the attention they deserve. So I’m going to play my own very small part in advertising these great authors’ names. So here is my very first little review.


5 Stars



I’ve been having a good run with books lately, and this is the cherry on my ice-cream sundae. Picked up this book by chance in the library. Thrilling, mysterious, page-turning and I did get a couple of chills, particularly at the beginning—very rare for me in a horror. The writing was perfection. The story was set up well. Loved the little sub-plots.

I have a lot of trouble with horror. I love movies but books have generally been subpar. Stephen King does nothing for me—boring as bat***t (That being said, I do love his dramas/thrillers). Never understood why Dean Koontz is so popular (really quite poor). Then I realised after reading this book, why—their work reads almost silly. The Piper has depth their stories lack. Emotion. And that inspires the thrills and chills. When I start fantasising about inserting myself into the story, it means I’m enjoying it at a deeper level (and this is a horror!).

I can’t believe this has so few ratings considering how much overrated crap there is out there, stuff that attracts far more interest than it deserves. What is wrong with people, Goddamnit?! This is why the good stuff is getting harder and harder to find—bad taste!

I think this is the first time I’ve read a female horror writer. If this is the standard, we need many many more writing the genre.


According to Goodreads, Lynn Hightower has a stack of awards to her name. I’m not surprised. And yet so few know about her. It’s just not fair. I shall be delving into the rest of her great work.