Mock & Grinda: A Love that Defies the Odds

Their first big adventure might be over but the fun has only just begun! If you want to read more about Mock & Grinda, then check out Mock& Grinda: A Love that Defies the Odds.

Expect romance and sex, warmth and tenderness, fun and humour, magic and adventure.

Three chapters ready to read now, with a new chapter each week.

For a little casual reading.

The Barbarian: Chapter 13

Grinda and Mock are stuck together. Can they find a middle ground and learn to trust each other?


the barbarian

Chapter 13

The Barbarian: Chapter 12

Mock makes his choice. Now there is uncertainty ahead. Can Grinda trust him? More—will she save him in return?

the barbarian

Chapter 12

The Barbarian: Chapter 11

Things are coming to a head. Mock and Grinda are in danger, and Mock is faced with a dilemma. Will he make the right choice before it’s too late?

the barbarian

Chapter 11


The Barbarian: Chapter 10

Mock can’t understand it. He should hate her. He should want to make her suffer. She is nothing special, and yet she is changing everything.


the barbarian

Chapter 10.


The Barbarian: Chapter 8

Her village has burned. Her family is gone. And Grinda has been taken captive. What terrible fate lies ahead?


the barbarian

Chapter 8