The Darkness

The Darkness

Book 3 of The Mother’s Children

Zin has sacrificed herself to protect her land and her people, Quarthi and Toth alike. The Darkness has vanished. The Quarthi have their land back. The forest is regrowing.

Black Bull is part Quarthi, part Sand Person, black-skinned and strong; born a slave and trapped in the white city of Fairmont. When his mother’s people demand the slaves’ release it is time for freedom. It is time to live his life. Will he find happiness with the savages or only more scorn and rejection?

Grinda and Mock grieve for Zin. With the help of the powerful shamri and Mock’s unearthly connection, they discover something is consuming her from within. Something with a bottomless hunger to possess her. The Morgrar has not been destroyed, and it’s up to those who love Zin to save her and return her to the light.

Mock will fight to the death. Grinda will never stop hoping. Aaron won’t give up.

A dead world. Unlikely allegiances. An undying love.

The final chapter.


Currently undergoing editing. Due for release mid 2020.

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