The Easy Way & The Hard Way

Grinda closed her eyes with a smile. ‘Can you feel her?’

Mock smoothed his hand over her belly. At twenty weeks she was getting big, probably too big. It worried Mock sometimes. The baby’s father had been big compared with Paleskin men but not compared with Mock. Would it be safe for Grinda to carry Mock’s children when it came time?

‘Here.’ Smiling up at him with her soft pink lips, she took his hand and pressed it just below her navel.

Mock waited, gazing at the white nub of her belly button. It had popped out the week before. The sight of it made him warm in the chest. It was cute. Grinda was cute.

He raised his eyes to hers. ‘I can’t feel her, biala.’

‘Shhhh. Just wait. Close your eyes.’

He did and again he waited. Nothing. He was just about to pull away when he felt the smallest nudge. He opened his eyes with a start. Grinda laughed. And it wasn’t just an ordinary laugh (though he had never thought any of Grinda’s laughs ordinary); this was something different. She arched her long, smooth neck. Her hair flared around her like a halo. Her eyes shone. Her sweet voice seemed to ring in the air like a bell. She glowed. She shone. His shining star.

Quickly that warmth in his chest turned to a burn that dropped into the pit of his belly. Seized by a sudden, overwhelming need to have her, he slid his hand down to her hip, leaned in and grabbed those soft pink lips with his own. Her laughter snapped off. Her smooth, soft hands cradled his neck. The taste of her, the feel of her, the smell of her sweet breaths …


Somehow she ended up stretched out on the soft grass, though he didn’t remember pulling her beneath him. The warm autumn sun beat against his back. A soft breeze ran its cool fingers through his fringe. Grinda’s skin broke out into goose bumps. He could feel them beneath his fingertips; from the cold or from her desire, he couldn’t tell.

Her breasts were soft beneath his hands, her neck smooth beneath his lips. He slid up her skirts and felt the warm wetness of her womanhood. Sliding his hand around the back of her, he grabbed her round arse as he nudged at her opening with his cock. Wet and soft, she encased him. He pressed his lips to her shoulder, on that seductive notch at the base of her throat, then at the corner of her jaw where he let them linger, sucking her deeply.

She always tasted so good.

She had her eyes closed now and the sight of the strain on her face made him burn harder. Her lips pulled back as she gritted her teeth. Her body tensed. Her arms squeezed him hard. Then she shuddered. And as she arched her neck, Mock moved from her jaw to suck at her throat.

Then they were still, panting against each other’s cheeks, arms locked around each other as the last of their pleasure ebbed away.

Kissing her on the corner of her mouth, Mock rolled onto his back, pulling her on top. Grinda lay there for a long time, unmoving, quiet. Mock closed his eyes, enjoying how her body rose and fell at every breath, how her heart fluttered against his.

Then he began gently rubbing her, smoothing his hands up and down her back, across the points of her shoulder blades, then down her sides, feeling the sides of her breasts, the points of her hips before following the curve of her arse and holding her there.


Grinda sighed. ‘You have such warm hands.’


She ran her fingers through the coarse dark hairs on his chest, then glided the tip of her finger around his right nipple. It hardened. Leaning over, she sucked it between her lips. He gave a surprised gasp, then gripped the back of her head. His deep voice rumbled in his throat as he chuckled.

Lifting her face, Grinda leaned her chin against his hard chest, giving him a mischievous smile as she studied him. He was so handsome and the smell of him made her mouth water. Mock smiled, bracing his hands behind his head so he could watch her too.

Warmth spread up her spine. ‘I love you, bial.’

‘I love you too.’

‘I don’t ever want this to end.’ She pressed her lips against his sternum.

‘It won’t.’

She kissed his other nipple, then laid her cheek against him with a sigh. Closing her eyes, she listened to the slow thud of his heartbeat. She shivered, no longer so warm as the cool autumn breeze dried the sweat on her skin.

Mock wrapped his arms around her in an attempt to warm her, then rolled onto his side, pulling her into his chest as he curved his big body around hers protectively. Soon, she stopped shivering.

Pressing her face into his chest, she took deep breaths, then reached for his hand, entwining his fingers with hers.

‘Something on your mind, biala?’

‘No.’ She looked up at him. ‘Why do you think that?’

‘You’re quiet.’

‘So are you.’ She smiled. ‘I’m just enjoying how you feel against me.’ Releasing his hand, she reached between his legs.

He laughed. He was sticky: soft and warm and sticky. Grinning, he grabbed at her breast, smoothing his thumb over her nipple. She shivered. She was getting so sensitive there now. Poking her tongue at him, she grabbed his balls. His mouth twisted; a fire lit in his eyes. Grinda squealed as he rolled her beneath him. She squealed again, trying helplessly to thrust him away as he kissed her all over: her throat, shoulders, breasts, hips, then finally below.

He peered at her from between her thighs. ‘So you think you can get the better of me, biala.’ She gasped as he dragged his tongue up her opening. Moving to her swollen belly, he pressed his lips to her belly button and blew until she giggled, then laughed, then snorted.

‘Mock!’ She grabbed at his head but he thrust away and seized her wrists, pinning them to the ground. Getting to his knees, he straddled her. His eyes gleamed into hers. His hair trailed in a messy wave down his broad shoulders. His cock, already slightly hardened again, lay soft and sticky against her belly.

Grinda’s heart thundered. ‘What are you going to do with me?’

He whipped the hair out of his face. ‘That would be up to you. We can do it the easy way or the hard way.’ His eyes dropped to her breasts and Grinda watched as the soft skin of his cock hardened to a shine. When he raised his eyes again, they were dark with hunger. He licked his lips.

His hair fell back around his face as he leaned over and kissed her so passionately it lit a second fire between her legs. She smiled against his lips.

The easy way and the hard way.



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