The Wark

Image: Copyright free from Pixabay


The Wark

Book 2 of The Mother’s Children


It’s seventeen years into the future and Mock and Grinda have remained with the Quarthi. Together still, theirs is a love that defies the odds. And yet they are not without trouble. Namely, their daughter, Zin.

Zin is a woman now. Born between two worlds—half Toth, half Quarthi—she finds herself isolated from the rest of the clan. Not only that, but she is treated with suspicion, even fear, by the powerful shamri. Darkness. Rumours. Mystery. Do they know something she doesn’t?

Prince Aaron is fourth in line to the throne. Ordered by his father to rid Toth of the last of the natives, he draws together a force that will surely annihilate them. He has no love for them, violent and savage as they are, but when one of them is thrown into his tent, chained and beaten, something begins to change in his heart.
A woman born of both people.

And yet …

Then there’s the darkness. The Morgrar. Insidiously creeping into their world. Only united can the Toths and the Quarthi hope to defeat it. Will they do so before it’s too late?

A story of worlds colliding. Of love conquering hate.

A series under construction.


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Book 1 of the Mother’s Children: The Barbarian

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