The Slave

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The Slave

Book 2 of The Mother’s Children

Eighteen years have passed and Mock and Grinda’s love has defied the odds. Their daughter Zin is now a grown woman. Born between two worlds—half Toth, half Quarthi—she finds herself isolated from the rest of the clan. What’s more, she is surrounded by power and darkness—once firmly contained, now awakening. Not even the shamri, with all their magical might, can predict her future.

Lord Aaron is fourth in line to the throne. Ordered by his uncle to rid Toth of the last of the Quarthi, he draws together a force that will surely annihilate them. But he discovers Zin—startling and unexpected—and something begins to change in his heart.

Then there’s the Darkness. The Morgrar. Insidiously creeping into their world. Only united can the Toths and the Quarthi hope to defeat it. Will they join forces before it’s too late?


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Book 3 of The Mother’s Children: The Darkness

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