Mock & Grinda

Image: Copyright free from Pixabay (altered)

A Love that Defies the Odds

Book 1.5 of The Mother’s Children

Please note: this is an adjunct to the novel ‘The Barbarian’ and it is strongly recommended that it be read first.

Love has prevailed: Mock & Grinda have united in a world full of darkness.

After having survived a lifetime of highs and lows, now is a time for happiness. This is a catalogue of their experiences during their six month journey to the Quarthi (Mock’s people). Expect romance and sex, warmth and tenderness, fun and humour, magic and adventure.

Though it isn’t necessary to read ‘The Barbarian’ to enjoy their relationship, it will nevertheless heighten the experience to know where they’ve both come from and how their love ‘defied the odds’.


Access the chapters below

Mock & Grinda 3

Free to Roam, Free to Think, Free to Love

A Pointy Challenge



Touches & Gazes, Eyes & Fingertips, Lips & Smiles



Blood & Fear

Warks & Breaks, Mystery & Magic

The Easy Way & The Hard Way


Past & Future



The Quarthi

The Shamri



Book 2 of The Mother’s Children: The Slave

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